Ideas for Advertising Signs

By: clare.signs | November 21, 2019

Signage is a key element of branding which every business needs to incorporate. When you are looking for a signage provider for your business, make sure that you choose a company that provides a full-fledged solution including design, manufacture, and installation. In this way, you do not have to fall into any trouble arranging all parts of the process separately.

Businesses facing higher levels of competition in various big markets of the world, like the UAE, have found a solution to this problem. They are getting services of indoor and outdoor signage Dubai from signage solution providers for saving themselves from the hassle of contacting authorities for installations and permissions.

This article aims to comprehensively explain the e...

By: clare.signs | July 09, 2019

The advancement in technology has considerably revolutionized their field of marketing. It is because the digital advertisement has become a primary component of every brand promotion strategy. There is no surprise because customers want to have a seamless experience of brands that is not possible without ensuring creative advertising.

The growing trends of digital signage in highly developed countries like the UAE have created severe competition among the companies. So, it has become a compulsion for business organizations to come up with innovative solutions for promoting their brands to get higher recognition from the potential market segmentation.

If you are dealing with the same issue and want to get some professional assistance, it ...

By: clare.signs | May 14, 2019

Eric Schmidt said, “An outdoor signage is a gift of advertising to connect people in a human way”. 

A business sign is made to be seen and stand out. Therefore, it is essential to make it more humanistic, there is a need to take a deeper look before rushing for it. A well-designed sign makes a powerful statement of your brand. But, ever thought why even the best sign fails to drive customers?

Signage can boost sales and gain new customers but it can be detrimental for the success of the business if it is not accurate. Owing to this much importance of signage for businesses, the companies operating in highly competitive markets such as UAE generally invest in advertising signage for higher effectiveness.

No doubt, effective signboards ...

By: clare.signs | April 29, 2019

When you are stepping into the digital world, then things are going to be related to that in one way or the other. Just like any other signage designing the process of digital screens is pretty much the same. It is only a bigger and better version as well as there are technicalities involved.

When you are trying to make the products stand out with the use of digital screens, then you need to be smart about the design. You need to consider a lot of other elements before you finalize anything and everything. When it is the first time you are about to create the design of digital screen for your upcoming launch, then it is essential not to take a risk which can negatively impact the overall to think about how things go in this regard.

outdoor signage Dubai
Essential tips to design digital screens

By: clare.signs | April 12, 2019

Whether it is a trade show, exhibition, corporate dinner, or product launch signage solutions come in handy to promote any event. Signage also gives an organized and clean feel to the event.

Not only signs help to entice the spectators, but they also make the participants feel proud of their attendance. Trendy and attractive external signs also help to beautify a place and enhance your event’s success.

This is why many Dubai business owners choose their event signage with great care. Are you aware of the modern signage types to promote your event?

Opt for the best Outdoor Signage Dubai based services to offer you high-end signs for business promotional activities. Keep reading for some of the trendiest signage types you can install at you...

By: clare.signs | March 12, 2019

Installing an appealing and interesting outdoor sign has many benefits. According to a report, you can increase profit by 70% with this approach. It will not only help people remember your name for years but also it can help find new customers for you. The outdoor sign does not include lengthy details, just small, crisp and emotional message will do the magic for you.

Have you noticed the malls in Dubai? 99% of them have walls decorated with different brand messages. But they are not for décor. They have a bigger mission – to attract and influence shoppers’ purchase decision!

So, if you are a company, looking for creating a new sign that appeals to your customers, experts say try to add an emotional touch to it. Take services of a profes...

By: clare.signs | March 04, 2019

Have you ever noticed how attractive digital signs look at night if you watch them while standing on your rooftop? Don’t they look like stars in different shapes and sizes surrounding Dubai buildings?

Indeed, digital signs look great as they grab everyone’s attention but this is not the sole purpose of installing them. There is more to this – they offer a number of benefits to the companies. For instance, they help to increase brand awareness, boost recall and rates and enhance consumer engagement and interest in the brand.

So, if you think you should also place a digital sign outside your building (or anywhere), the best suggestion is to choose an expert company, specializing in Outdoor Signage Dubai to make the most of this contact! Re...

By: clare.signs | February 11, 2019

How to design digital menu signboards to WOW your customers?

The food industry has developed like anything, and people are into good food more than anything. Some people would love to have experienced while eating, but there are also some who are actually looking for some tasty food.

Technology has intervened in the industry like anything and if you want to grab the attention then using the technology is a must. One of the latest trends is having a digital menu signboard. 

Yes! You heard it right-digital menu signboard are out and about. Having a digital menu will not only grab attention but also make it easy for customers to make a decision. If you are not sure how to design the menu board or even the elements to include then you need to have professional help. This is because one small mist...


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